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William asks…

which visa is better and faster?

i got engaged last year and i am US citizen but my wife is in pakistan …i will be getting married this year ….i am so confused k3, i-131..k1 ..oh my god so confused ..some of these visas takes 1 year some said it will take you 10 years ….i don’t know which one should i pick…..we are not married yet…..but will be so i need to make a decision….pretty soon….HELP !!!!!!……one more question(2)…now i have get married in pakistan do i have to attest/ notarize my marriage certificate from the amercan consulate in pakistan before i bring her paper work back in usa…..please serious answers …..i really need to get some help from you guys….thank you

Best Answer:

The fastest one is the K1- fiance visa. That takes 1 year.

This will only work provided you are NOT yet married.

There is NOTHING faster.

Your fiance needs to stay in pakistan because she will be interviewed in pakistan

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