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Question About US Marriage Visa Income Requirements

Maria asks…

fiancee visa affidavit of support?

I’m going to file a Fiancee visa next year but i’m worried about the financial support.Because i’ve been working to a fast food restaurant for 2 years as part time and i only get minimum wage $8 and i know i need to get more than that for me to support my fiancee that’s why i’m plannig to go to school.But my question is if my mom and dad co-sponsor my fiancee are we qualified or not?my dad gets $10+cents per hour FULLTIME,my mom gets $9+cents per hour FULL TIME and there’s 4 of US in the house. Is that enough to co-sponsor my fiancee or i need more than that?]

PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP because i don’t want to file the petition and get denied because of the financial issue.

Best Answer:

I am a matchmaker and founded When marriage results, my couples often ask advice on how to accomplish immigration, and reunite in the USA

The minimum financial eligibility requirement is $18,213 verifiable annual income for you and your fiancee, plus when any other sponsors or dependents are involved an additional $4,675 for each additional person

Since you do not have enough income you will have to enlist the help of a co-sponsor. Their income and their household (number of people they support) would be combined with yours.

So lets say your Dad becomes the co-sponsor. And at home there is your Mom and younger brother.

You said “4 of US”, I will assume that it means 4 at home, plus your fiancee later. If not correct
then just change the math.

The total income requirement then would be as follows:

You and your fiancee : $18,213 .
Parents + brother: 3x $4,675 = $14,025
Total Income Required: $32,238

Before you proceed however, you should check directly with the US consulate that will handle your Fiance’s case.

Some consulates do NOT allow the use of a co-sponsor for a Fiance Visa.

For example Philippines, Vietnam and Nigeria do NOT allow co-sponsors.

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