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Question About US Marriage Visa Income Requirements

Susan asks…

Can two foreigners marry in Australia & obtain Marriage certificate from Australia? What are the requirements?

We’re couples from Singapore & earning a decent income. We have plans to migrate to Australia, but never thought of marrying there until we found out that in India, foreigners can get married there & obtain relevant residential permits & marriage certs, but of course, with proper Visa‘s & other valid documents prepared in advance.
My question is whether Australian Government recognizes this & permits foreigner couples to get married & settle down in Australia? If not, any other ways to obtain a credit in making it happen? I mean, there’s always a way to make things happen right? I seek anyone who has the same experience or in relevant fields that could help US get through. In return, you’ll be the first one we’ll visit in Australia 😉 Thanks very much, Cheers!

Best Answer:

You will be able to marry in Australia without any particular problem though of course you must be here legally and meet our requirements regarding documentation etc.

Note that marrying in Australia provides NO benefits relating to visa eligibility, residence or anything else relating to immigration. Unless you have recently completed 2 years of study in Australia, you are not eligible for any immigration visas that can be applied for or granted in Australia.

The following sites give concise, accurate information regarding the marriage of people from overseas.
Http:// (government site)

If you wish to emigrate to Australia, one of you must have qualifications and experience in an occupation listed as being in urgent need of workers. For information, see:

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