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Donna asks…

Can my sister ask for my US residence?

Hello! My sister is a natural born american citizen, but she is not living in the USA. She was born in New Mexico and she is 25 years old.

I’m 30 years old, not married and no children.

Can she ask for my residence? What do I have to do?


Best Answer:

There’s a fair amount of confusion here in the answers, but in the end she may not be able to help you. She can certainly file an I-130 immigrant petition for you with USCIS in the US. This type of petition cannot be filed through any embassy outside of the US. At some point before you are approved for an immigrant visa, she would need to establish residency in the US. Otherwise, you can’t be approved for the visa. But, she doesn’t need to establish residency to file the petition itself. She can file tomorrow. Considering it takes this type of petition at least 12 years before it becomes valid for use, there’s no particular hurry for her to return to the US. But she would have to do that at some point in order for you to be approved. So, there’s a very long wait and unless she’s willing to return to the US eventually, it won’t work. But she can file the petiiton anytime she likes. Check out for more information and downloadable forms.

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