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Question About US Residency Certificate

Thomas asks…

How do I prove US residency for myslef to a birth abroad for my daghter?

My wife and I are US citizens, we have passports- birth certificates- and social security cards to present at the US consulate in Mexico. We are trying to register our new born for a birth abroad and passport. I was told I needed more proof of residency for myself and I do not have a copy of school records. What else can I bring?

Best Answer:

Well, what else do you have? You don’t both have to prove you have sufficient residency in the US to transmit citizenship to your daughter. Since you are both US citizens,either one of you will do. Did you work, pay taxes? Anything you have that might help you establish th at you were resident in the US for at least 5 years including 2 after the age of 14 will do.

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