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Richard asks…

Studying medicine in US???????

Once i graduate from high school i want to go on and study medicine in america. However, i herd that the system is more confusing than the one in let’s say UK, where u just choose ur major (in my case medicine), right when u enter college.In America, do u get the undergraduate degree, where u dont choose your major and just take random classes, first and then go on to medical school and study there for another 10 years or so? Coz, i wanna start studying medicine as sooner, i dont want to spend another 4 years of basically high school….and then start working by the time i am 35. Uhmmmm, i am probably not getting this right, so can someone please explain to me how the system works

Best Answer:

In the US you need to have the grades, receive an acceptable score on the MCAT (admission test), and take the required courses. Typically for a US medical school you will take 1 year of calculus, 1 year calculus based physics, chemistry through quantitative analysis, general biology, genetics, microbiology, human physiology, human anatomy, biochemistry, and English composition along with completing your degree in your selected field of study. However each medical is different and you will need to consult each catalog. Total full-time study is eight years and then once you graduate you will do another 3 – 7 years of residency.

If you are studying in the UK and want to study medicine in the US you will need to contact the medical schools you are interested in attending. Reason being in the UK you study one filed for your degree such as biochemistry but you do not take the requisite other classes in physics, English, and math. So there may be some deficiencies that you need to make up by taking a year of undergraduate course work before you can begin studying medicine.

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