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Question About US Resident Alien

Ken asks…

What is the definition of a US Resident?

Do the IRS and the INS have different definitions of who is a resident? If I’ve lived in the US for 8 1/2 years on a work visa (not a green card) and paid taxes am I considered a resident?

Best Answer:

A US Resident is someone who holds a Green Card but is not a citizen. Which means that through your family or employment, you can apply for a Green Card for legal residency.

Being on a work visa (H-1 I presume) means nothing. You are still a legal alien.

The difference between residency and citizenship is that you need to naturalize yourself American to become a citizen (so you need to give your other citizenship). If you’ve been working in the US for 8.5 yrs, then you can ask your employer if sponsoring a Green Card is an option, otherwise you’ll still be considered an alien.

P.s.: to joe – aliens on temporary visas (such as trainee, student, and work) do NOT have to pay social security and medicare. I had been paying these too until i got my current job. I called the IRS and they confirmed it.

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