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Question About US Spouse Visa Fees

Charles asks…

USA visa fee.?

Since applying for USA visa requires USD 100, do you think other nations should also follow this payment scheme when US citizens are applying for other countries visa?

Best Answer:

There are two fees: an application fee and a visa fee. The application fee is relatively new, instituted during the move by the USG to cut taxes and institute “user fees”. The visa fee is waived for many countries where a reciprocal fee waiver agreement is in place.

The application fee is charged whether the visa is issued or not. The visa fee is not.

Some foreign countries deem the application fee to be a visa charge and therefore an object of reciprocal charging; others do not.

EU/EEA/Swiss countries are constrained in charging Americans or nationals of any other country for one particular kind of visa: the EEA Permit, which is free and gratis to any spouse or dependent of a national of a different EU/EEA/Swiss country applying to visit or live in a member state with his or her EU/EEA/Swiss spouse.

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