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Question About US Spouse Visa Financial Requirements

Charles asks…

What exactly is the formula for the financial requirement in regards to spouse visa?

(I am asking this question in the Ramadan section due to not receiving a good response when posting it under the Immigration section. I’m hoping that maybe my Muslim brothers and sisters can help me.)

I am very confused regarding this matter. I read on a forum online that the formula is as follows;

Difference between current earnings (my yearly salary is around £9000) and £18,600 (difference for me equals £9,600) x 2.5 (£24,000) + £16,000 = £40,000

Thus my minimum requirement would be £40,000.

If this happens to be the formula, I don’t know what to do! I started working last October (I was studying before this) and I want to get married early next year, but these new rules for income regarding spouse visas are proving to be really disheartening.

On the UKBA Agency website it says that you must have an income of at least £18,600. It also states this; ‘You can meet the financial requirement through: cash savings over a certain level (the amount of savings that you need to have will depend the level of other income that you and your sponsor have. If you are applying to enter the UK, you will need to have a higher level of savings than if you are applying to extend your stay).’

Could anyone please explain in detail what this means? And how much in savings I should have in my bank account?

Thank you for reading.

Best Answer:

I’m 21 and also a female and I have been married for three years. I’m from pakistan but was born and raised here, I love my hubby sooooo much and we have a two year old son. life is a mess because of those new requirements and me and my son have been suffering a while now. Plus it’s just me, my mum and my eleven year o.d sister in the uk. So we have very little support. God help US in our situation. Plus my family in Pakistan are not ooba rich so living conditions are dreadful…I’m just getting by.

Be very careful about your next move because jumping into a marriage especially with someone from abroad needs a lot of examine least about the living arrangements.

Just before I made the decision to marry my hubby I was about to commit suicide….my life has shown me many obstacles and challenges. I was separated from my mother at the age of seven by my father,who took me to his other family who altogether beat me and emotionally screwed my over because of which I then went into multiple care home. Social service reunited me with my mother when I was 15.

I had sever anxiety disorders because of which I wanted to die and many a times thought of doing the deed and just before I was about to do it Allah saved me. He listened to my dua and turned a angry rebellious, scared teen into a god fearing and god loving Muslim wife and mother. Alhamdulillah.

But I hope I can move into the uk and join my mum and sis and live here as family in pak is very poor.

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