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Question About US Spouse Visa For Green Card Holders

Carol asks…

I am a green card holder, how can I petition H1B visa for my spouse?

Best Answer:

You can’t. Only employers can apply for H1-b visas for their employees. If your spouse does not have a job offer with a company willing and able to apply for a visa by now, it’s too late for 2010 visas. Most likely a 2011 visa application would be the earliest possible.

However, given that the job market is declining faster than at any time since the Depression, chances of finding a job in the US are very poor until at least 2011 – 2012. Lots of H1-b applications for 2009 had their offers withdrawn before they arrived. More are getting pink slips while they are in the US — and they have to depart immediately at their expense. Not so much as a day’s grace period to pack and go – last day at work is the day you catch your plane home.

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