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Question About US Spouse Visa For Green Card Holders

David asks…

Can a Green Card holder sponsor a spouse that already has a US Visa?

Hello all, this may sound a bit crazy but I really need some help on this one. I am getting married to someone from the caribbean who already has an American Visa. The problem is I am only a Green Card hold but will be eligible for Citizenship a few months after the wedding. My main question is, how would it take for him to receive a work permit if a file the paper work right after the wedding?
Secondly, I would like to know after applying for my citizenship, how long does it take for my appointment and exam?

Thank you very much in advance I really need this help.

Best Answer:

You can defiinitely sponsor your fiance but it will be much faster once you are a citizen and married. I am certain you can amend or update your application once you gain citizenship. It is fine if your spouse already has a visa of some other kind, apply for an adjustment of status — well one caution, be sure your fiance has not not violated their visa in getting married. That is, if they have a tourist visa and it is evident they came here to get married, that’s not acceptable.

Someone else can probably clue you in on the timing and exact forms, or go to which is an excellent site aimed at people who are trying to get spouses green cards.

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