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Question About US Spouse Visa Income

Ruth asks…

Monthly income for spouse visa enough?


I am an American appying for a UK Spouse Visa. My husband is british living in UK.

We been married nearly 5 years.

I have everything together, just one concern. He doesnt have a bank account. I dont think this will be a prob cus I asked Worldbridge Visa Center… but he needs to show he can support US with his income then.

He earns 1200 British Pounds MONTHLY.

Is this a good income?

He accomodates himself, not on any public funds, ect.

He can show proof of his income and that he pays all living expenses. With money left over still.

Anyone who knows about this… I would appreciate any help/advice/opinions.

Thanks guys.

Best Answer:

£1,200 monthly income before tax is about average.

The concern here is that he cannot show he has enough maintenance funds.

The fact that he does not have a bank account is very worrying, and will ring alarm bells at the home office and raise suspicions.

You really need to talk to a lawyer about this. The only easy way round I can see is to open a bank account now, and deposit the amount needed, and keep it there for at least 3 months before applying.

P.S. It is interesting how when an American asks for help getting a visa, none of the BNP, anti-immigrant, racist, etc people on this board say anything, but when it is someone from the rest of the world they do. Perhaps all those anti-immigrant posters on this board are really just stuck up snobbish elitist people who look down on the developing world and pretend to be anti-immigrant?

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