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Question About US Spouse Visa Medical Examination

James asks…

Should I get married in US or UK?

Fiance visa‘s for the UK are costly, but I’ve been told they’re much easier than if my lover and I were to get married in the US then try and file for the spouse visa for the UK. Not to mention I can’t even find which form I’d fill out if I would already be married.

Which route would it be wisest to take? He’s twenty and I’m nineteen, so I know we’re going to be waiting two years regardless. I didn’t know if it’d be smart within those two years to go ahead and get married so there would be a longer time period we were married when it comes to US being twenty one for better evidence of our relationship.

Also heard they have a medical examination, but it’s just to test for any big diseases and it shouldn’t be a big stressor?

I am a US citizen, he is a UK citizen. Re-typed the question due to others being confused on how I worded this.
We are aiming for me to go to the UK.

Question is — get married here and wait the two years, and it shows we’ve been together that long or…

Continue dating for the two years and when we turn 21, rather I do, file for fiancee visa?

Looking more towards the first option. It’s a lot cheaper and easier.

Best Answer:

For BOTH the fiance visa and the spousal visa both parties concerned have to be 21 or older. No exceptions!
There is not a medical exam for US citizens looking to settle in the UK!
If you got married here, and then lived here as man and wife until you are both over 21 it will go a long way in proving the strength of your relationship.
There is a very good message board for people looking to move to the UK and those already there. It is called UKYankee. Join, then ask some questions. I also had the question about the medical exam and people on there who have moved to the UK all reassured me that Americans do NOT have to take any sort of medical examination.
Good luck, and if you have any other questions please just email me.

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