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Question About US Spouse Visa Processing Time From India

Sandra asks…

spouse visa from india?

my son is holding E3 visa being australlian citizen and working in USA…..he is marrying in jan 2008.He wants to take his wife to USA.What type of visa she should apply to US embassy new dekhi

Best Answer:

She will need the E3D Visa. It is for dependents of the person holding the E3 Visa.

Qualification: You must demonstrate to the consular officer that the established relationship exists. Usually this can be accomplished with a marriage certificate for spouses or a birth certificate for dependent children. Please note that the U.S. Does not recognize De Facto relationships or same-sex Civil Partnerships, and to qualify as a spouse you will need a marriage certificate from the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages. You must also show that the principal applicant is the recipient of an E-3 visa.

Process: The dependent does not need to provide the principal applicant’s Labor Condition Application (LCA) or evidence of employment, but needs to show that the principal applicant is the recipient of an E-3 visa by providing a copy of the visa or, if the applicant has obtained E-3 status in the U.S., the I-797 Approval Notice. The dependent can apply and arrange a visa interview at the same time as the principal applicant, or can apply and be interviewed later, once the principal applicant’s E-3 visa is issued. The principal applicant does not need to be present at the dependent’s interview. Each dependent must make a separate visa application, but children under 14 who are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia are not usually required to attend an interview.

See the link below for the application process.

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