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Question About US Spouse Visa Processing Time

Laura asks…

If applying for a US Spouse VisaCR1, is it necessary for the USCitizen to stay in US through the visa process?

Colombian married with an US Citizen. I’m in Colombia, my husband is in the US now. We know the process takes time, but we don’t want to be separate for too long, and we are afraid if he travels to my country, they would start asking for more documents, what would happend if he is not there?. Can he let them know he would be in Colombia or what? Thanks for your help…

Best Answer:

The petition is approved “unconditionally.” The only thing that the adjudicator looks for is: Is the U.S. Citizen legally married to the beneficiary?

The U.S. Citizen can travel all he wants. The U.S. Citizen can visit the beneficiary all he wants.

If the U.S. Citizen is in the foreign country at the time of the visa issuance, all the better. If the U.S. Citizen travels to the U.S. With the beneficiary after the visa is issued, that’s perfect! That way, if the inspector at the port of entry has any questions for the petitioner, he’s right there to answer.

Your husband can visit you as much as you want. There is no travel restriction on the U.S. Citizen. If the immigratin officials in Colombia let him into the country, the U.S. Government is not going to care.

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