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Question About US Spouse Visa Timeline

Nancy asks…

US Greencard through marriage to a Permanent Resident?

Just looking for some detail on the timeline of attaining a visa through marriage to a permanent resident in the US. The last article I read stated about 5 years..
Also, I have seen some detail around a V visa, which I think allows you to be in the States whilst waiting for a greencard – any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Best Answer:

It is not a problem of slow processing time, it is a matter of the numbers of visas available every year for the spouse of a Permanent Resident (they are limited). The current backlog is about 4-5 years.
However, there is no wait for a visa number for the spouse of a US citizen, which is why it is faster if your PR spouse applies for US citizenship.

Your PR spouse can file a petition for you now and let it wait its turn. When s/he becomes a USC, they can immediately ‘upgrade’ the petition to citizen status to begin immediate visa processing for you.
However, in that time before citizenship, you must find your own immigration status to be in the US with; you may not legally wait here for your number to become current.

To qualify for the V visa, the petition must have been filed for you a number of years ago. You can not petition now and apply for the V visa.

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