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Question About US Spouse Visa Timeline

Betty asks…

non quota visa info please?

I live on a social security pension of about 575 per month will this be considered adaquate income for a non – quota visa in the philippines

and are they hard to get as a spouse of a philippine Citizen

Best Answer:

Your minamum income isn’t enough. I am going thru the visa process right now. I married a filapina on nov 27, 2007. It is going to cost me aprox $2000 usd in immagration fees and $2500 in attorney fees. I highly suggest hiring an attorney as the paperwork is complex and they require too much documentation. Biggest thing is you need to go to the philippines first. Prepare to be there atleast 3 weeks as there is a 11 day wait for the marriage lisc. And first you must go to th US embassy and get permission to marry. It takes about 3-5 days for the nso to process the lisc. Application. I am bringing my wife and 2 kids. Timeline is aprox 10 months till she is here. Fiancee visa is much quicker I found out and much cheaper. $500 in attoney fees and under $1000 in immagration fees. Timeline is aprox 6 monhs

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