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Charles asks…

Student Visa?

My nephew wants to came and study in the US. How long does it take to get him a visa and waht steps should I take. He’s coming from Palestine. What should I do first. I have all of his transcripts from the school. He’s a very good student. I am an american citizen and my husband had gotten his citizenship before we met so I’ve never had to go through immigration. thanks.
I read all the things on the immigration website and I it all flys over my head. too many numbers of forms I don’t know where to start. He wants to go to college here to be a doctor.

Best Answer:

Is he going to college?
He first has to apply for admission at a US college and be accepted. With that, he must prove he has financial support to pay for the first year, and the school will issue an I-20, which is a document that says you have sufficient funds.
With that, you pay for the SEVIS fee, which is the fee to register you into an exchange student identification service by the department of homeland security.
After you´ve paid your fees, you can go to the US embassy and apply for an F-1 student visa. The consulate will have all the details about other documentation you might need.

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