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Helen asks…

ucla fees, f1 student visa?

Hi, im applying for f1 visa when im 17.5 years old, i want to study is usa and my dream university is ucla (of course i will apply for few more) and i found out that 4 years fees for ucla is Living with
$31,902(Residential halls) $28,917 (Off campus)
but i want to buy a house, a suburban house and i want to live there because i found out that if i work there the 2nd year, and if i impress them they might give me a work after uni and i might be able to stay there…so campus or a house? and this is for 2011-12 so it will change by the time im in uni, plus this is for 9 months, so a whole semester year 😀 and then i have to pay like 100.000 or more for 4 years, im not that rich so pleeease help me ty very much
Donald b and ibu guru both of your answers are really helpful, if not la…where should i go then? my dad has this take away shop, thats all, we dont get much money, and unfortunately nowadays people who are already rich wins the lottery, but im not gonna give up, i will go to usa and be a marine (my dreeeeam oorrah ) so yeah i have a thing to live for 😀 ty very much

Best Answer:

UCLA is very expensive, and LA has a very cost of living! Those figures are seriously outdated as real inflation in US is running @11%. To rent a studio (one-room) apartment near UCLA will run $2000/month and up, plus utilities, plus transportation to school. Shared housing will run @$1500/month plus share of utilities. With food and everything, you need at least $3000-3500/month to survive in LA if you are frugal. One night out at the clubs can burn $500.

So plan to need to need $36,000-48,000 year JUST for living expenses. With school and all, you will need at least $70,000/yr to live in dorms (don’t forget summer expenses, although it will be cheaper for you to go home over summer vacations!), $80,000-90,000/yr to live off-campus. If you are careful with your money!

To buy a house, you will NOT be able to get a mortgage – all-cash only. Plan to need $500,000-750,000 for a modest house in a halfway decent neighborhood. If you want something close to campus, in decent shape, you’re probably looking in the $1-3 million range. Want something “really LA?” About $5 million and up.

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