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Question About US Student Visa For Iranian

Ken asks…

How long do F-1 Student Visas take to expire, depending on country? Is China one of the quickest?

From :
“Some students receive F-1 visas that expire in 5 years and others in 6 months: length of visa varies from country to country: dependent on U.S. DOS determinations.”
What are those determinations? This seems like a very wide range.

Best Answer:

Well, it’s called reciprocity. Basically that means that we’ll treat you the way your country treats US. So, if China issues American students a 6 month visa, that’s what Chinese students will get. You can always check the reciprocity tables at, but the shortest student visa I know of is for Iranian students at one entry 3 months. The difference is, under US law, students are admitted for duration of status, so even if the visa expires in 3 months, the student can remain in the US as long as they’re in status as a student.

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