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Question About US Student Visa Interview Questions

Mary asks…

what questions and problems will I have to face when acquiring US student visa?

Hello friends I am from India,I have had six years break before joining college ie after finishing my high school due to unforeseen health reasons,I am well now and I am going to finish my engineering degree now and I am planning to do MS in US,Do you think that these six empty years inbetween my highschool and college will diminish my chances of getting a student visa.What questions do you think that I will have to face.

Best Answer:

1) Will six-year break become obstacle to be accepted (visa is not issued by college, but admission is) by Grad. Program?
I don’t really think so. When Grad. School review your application their focus is on your performance at college level; ie.your grades point average, courses taken, research completed if any, your work experience if any and whether related to your prospective major/program applied for, and your GRE if required.
There are differences between programs of each college/university in terms of admission requirements. When you choose one from the others, please focus on what you want to accomplish when you complete the program instead of putting effort on getting in a program first. Education is expensive investment. You want it to be paid back, right?
Make sure you get your transcript translated, authorized, or even notarized if needed. It takes time to do so. You should get started in the beginning of spring of your second to the last year college career.
One step at a time!! You will get here.

2) If your consideration is about the Visa to enter the U.S:
I have not too much to say and unfamiliar with it; however, I don’t believe any one will discourage you who strived and have thrived after the illness.

3) Questions you will face?
You can download the application form on line or send an inquiry for the Application Packet to find out questions you will be asked to respond when you fill out the application forms.
It is not common to interview the international student unless you apply for named program. If it is the case, phone interview might take place. Questions might be asked will be the following categories:
a) why do you want to apply for the program?
B) what do you want to accomplish?
C) what makes you stand out among the group of applicants?
D) what is the most memoriable experience you have had during your college career?

The interviewer has no interest in your financial or immigration status. All they want to find out is whether you will make the college be proud of or you can make through the program.

Take easy, but get started.

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