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Question About US Student Visa Process

Nancy asks…

F1 Student visa process?

So this is so confusing but when im 18 i plan on going to America for college and graduate, but i dont get how it works.
So What if i apply for american colleges/uni, and they accept it, what happens next? Please be really specific and detailed

Best Answer:

I don’t know why you think it is confusing, the process is very straightforward.

1. You take the SATl (and a couple of SATll tests if you are applying to better universities) in your own country. Book the test(s) at

2. You apply to some US universities that could be interested in you based on your scores and your GPA which you can calculate on line using a converter. If you are in the UK (you don’t say) then these will be your GCSE and AS grades.

3. You will get a response probably around the beginning of January of your last year. An acceptance is unconditional although you have to eventually provide evidence that you completed the school year and actually sat your A2s. A university that really wants you might offer you some financial aid as an inducement to go there. If you accept a place and pay the deposit, you can then start the process of getting a student visa.

4. Once your cheque has cleared, the university will provide you with a form I-120 which you will submit to the INS. This will require you to show that you have the money to pay the fees and your living costs for a year. Don’t even bother applying if you do not have the money as you will lose your deposit because you will be refused a visa.

5. If your visa application is complete, you will be scheduled for an interview about three months later at your nearest consulate.

6. If you are accepted, then you will be able to confirm your place at the school and pay the fees at the end of July.

7. The final stage is to enter the USA before the start of term and get the F-1 visa stamped into your passport.

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