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Question About US Student Visa Processing Time

Steven asks…

US J-1 Visa Administrative Processing?

I had an interview for my visa application yesterday and the interview was weird basically i got a British passport however i was born in Lebanon, i have lived all my life here since i was 7 (now 20), the lady asked me what i was going to do in America and so on and i replied with i am going there for an intern/ job and that i haven’t secured a job as yet however there is a company that is interested in hiring me as they have e-mailed me with specific hours and so on. I had all my paper work to hand as well. She then said to me that my visa application was successful however it must go through administrative processing… Has that ever happened to anyone, she then gave me a white paper with the terms and stuff on it and the batch no. on it as well and told me to check within the next 10 days or so… and that they will probably ask for me to send my passport which then i have to contact the embassy’s approved courier service… Is this normal thing to happen… it was so wired… and also as she said that my application was successful for the visa can they go back on this decisions…?

Best Answer:

J-1 is a exchange scholar or student visa, since you haven’t secured the job here, the administrative process is to confirm your position in US, who will pay for your work in US, and how long will be needed, then give your visa with special time( 6 months to 1 year). If you live in London, you can pick up yourself.

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