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Question About US Student Visa Renewal

Helen asks…

F1 US visa renewal question?

Hi, I am a phd (mathematics) student here in USA. I did masters and now doing PhD for the last 5 and half years. I am fully funded by the department right from the beginning and never been out of status. I have around 1 year left to finish my course. I am going to India to get married on December and after that I need to appear for an interview to renew my F1 visa. My wife will also apply for the dependent F2 visa so that she can come with me. My question is can we appear together for the interview since she is on dependent visa or I must renew my F1 visa first and then she goes for F2 visa. What should I do? Any reply will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Best Answer:

You should first renew your visa first and then get marry. If you get married before your renewal, your status might be denied. Don’t applied for your wife until you get your new visa. Because it will give the immigration office the intention that you will not go back to your home country after your study.

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