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Question About US Student Visa Renewal

Carol asks…

US Undergrad Student F1 VISA Renewal?

Hi, I have been in US for 5 years now. I dropped out of University due to poor academics (had some major personal issues) I went to a community college and got my associates(GPA 3.0) in Physical Therapy Assistant and worked on OPT for 12 months as a Licensed therapist. Now I am back to school in the same University where I was dropped and doing great. I have been keeping my GPA up and haven’t had to look back. I am planning to make a short visit to India next summer but my VISA expired this year and will be renewing it during my stay in India. I will have 1 more year to go to graduate with my bachelor’s after that summer. Is it advisable to go or should I wait?

Best Answer:

You’ll have a very tough time getting a new student visa after dropping out and you’ll have lots of questions to answer at the very least, since you should have left the US after dropping out, personal problems or not. Since you’re now back in class, you should seriously consider waiting until you finish before leaving the US.

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