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Question About US Student Visa Statistics

Sharon asks…

Do many people come to the US on a student visa and find ways to stay in the country permanently legally?

Like changing visas to an employment based visa or other visa, or marrying somebody who is American for example? Does this happen quite often with people who come to America on student visas? Are their any statistics for how many people who come on student visas stay in America permanently legally?

Best Answer:

I don’t know as there are any statistics on it. Some people do come as students and end up staying, but I don’t think there’s any way of knowing exactly how many.

Certainly some overstay illegally. Some get married, others change their status so they can stay, but it’s difficult. The F-1 student visa is by definition temporary. There are some who feel that our immigration policies should be changed to make it easier for graduate students in certain fields for example, to stay and work in the US. Right now, it’s mainly family-based, so unless you have relatives in the US, it’s pretty difficult to immigrate.

When I ran a company, it was frustrating to go to university job fairs and find that the most (in some cases only) promising candidates were foreign students I couldn’t hire.

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