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Susan asks…

Is it easier to immigrate to UK from US on a Student Visa or Fiancee/Settlement Visa?

My boyfriend is a UK citizen and I am in the US. We’ve decided it would be easier for me to go there, since he’s already established with a very good corporate job, a place to live, etc….also, his elderly mother is sick, and we’d rather not be halfway around the world if she needs assistance. (I’ve also been an Anglophile for as long as I can remember!)

I’ve been researching everything I can, and although there is plenty of information, there isn’t much as far as the easiest way to go about it. He’s been out here to visit for a week once already this year, and I’ve just returned from a 2 week stay in the UK. I know that as a US Passport holder, I can stay for up to 6 months in the UK, and we’ll probably take advantage of that over this upcoming summer, to truly see if we can live together without any problems, though I really can’t foresee any issues.

There may be the possibility of obtaining a student visa, since he’s willing to help me with schooling costs should this be the most viable option, but I’m not sure how long I could stay on that, nor am I sure what would happen if we were to wed while I was on the student visa. On the other hand, the few mentions I’ve seen of the requirements for the fiancee visa almost seem ridiculous…though I imagine spending 4-6 months over there for the summer would be a good start in showing Immigrations that we’re serious about being together.

Should I even consider Student Visa? If we got married while I was on a visit, how would that make a difference as opposed to getting the fiancee visa and *then* getting married? These seem to be my best options, as I am not highly educated (didn’t finish college yet) and do not hold a highly skilled position.

If it comes down to it, he’s more than happy to move to the US, but from what I’ve seen, that’s even more difficult than me going to the UK. I’m not willing to try to immigrate illegally; all I want is to be with him and someday become a shining example of the right way to immigrate. I’m more than willing to do anything I need to in order to immigrate and become a citizen. Help?

Best Answer:

You can be a student (student visa) as long as you can pay the fee’s (which from what I understand are quiet hefty because you would have to pay the international student rate) We are talking years.

As for the fiance visa. If you want to take a few months to see if the 2 of you mesh in day to day life, and were planning on using the visa waiver program anyway, then why not skip that step and go straight to the fiance visa? You have 6 months to get married. Right in line with what you were considering anyway. Also for a US citizen to immigrate to the UK is a lot faster, cheaper and less of a hassle than for him to try it coming this way.
I say go for the fiance visa. But that’s just my opinion.
If you get married on a visitors visa, you are going to have to leave the country to convert it to a spousal visa anyway. You can not convert visa’s inside the UK

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