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Helen asks…

How do you become a permanent US citizen after having a F-1 student visa?

So, I’m a Canadian, still in high school, but I want to attend University in the USA (preferably New York) and have been doing some research. One aspect that confuses me is what happens once you finish school. How do you make the transition from living in the US under a student visa to becoming a permanent citizen of the United States–without marrying anyone or having a degree in the science, math, or engineering?

Best Answer:

You don’t! Student visas, employment visas, etc, are temporary NON-IMMIGRATION visas. A condition of issuing such temporary visas is that you must return to your country of citizenship. “Intent to remain” is visa fraud – grounds for denial of visa, grounds for revocation of visa, etc. If you want to attend school, attend school, but you must return to your country of citizenship immediately upon completion or termination of studies.

BTW, this is standard for all student visas. Practically every country mandates that student visas are temporary non-immigration class of visa, and few countries have rare exceptions which might allow a student to remain by qualifying for another type of temporary non-immigration visa such as an employmnet visa.

If you want to immigrate to the US, then you must follow standard immigration procedures & have a sponsor petition you for immigration and, if approved, then you wait for an immigration visa to become available.

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