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Michael asks…

Travelling to Canada under US tourist Visa?

My mom has a multiple (10yrs) US tourist visa. She used it last Summer and would like to come back early next year. during her 1 month stay, Hubby, me and my mom are planning to visit Canada for exactly a week. I know she has to apply for a visit visa to enter.
My questions are:
1.Can she apply for a Canadian toursit visa from LA while under tourist visa?
2.would there be any problem when she re-enters the US after a week stay in Canada?

Best Answer:

1. It is possible to apply for a Canadian visa under B1/B2 visitor status in the United States.
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However in general the Canadian authorities recommend to apply for the temporary Canadian resident visa at the place of permanent residency. The Canadian visa officers in her home country are able to assess the genuineness of documentation provided whereas the visa officer in the U.S. Might first consult the Canadian Embassy/High Commission in your mom’s home country prior to a visa issue, and that may even take longer than your mom has planned to stay in the United States.
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2. A short term travel to Canada (up to 30 days) is possible and there will be no problem on re-entry as long as your mom still holds the valid I-94 which has authorized the initial entry to the U.S. And it is still valid.
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