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Donald asks…

applying for a US tourist visa?

Last 2008 i went to US under fiance visa. but me and my fiance didnt get married bcuz we needed to take a BIG opportunity here in Phil. that time the recession just got started. So we decided to just hold our wedding plans and work for our future first. Now that everything is doing great here in manila. We established our own company and business. I want to try and get a tourist visa so i can spend summer in US with him and his kids. We doesnt have any plans of getting married in US. We already made our decision to stay here in Phil. for good. I really just want to get a travel visa bcuz i will also need in the near future. Any opinion will be appreciated. Do i have a chance to get a travel visa? I can explain everything to the consul if they will ask me about my past. I heard they say one should just be honest wit their anwers and everythin should be alright? thank you
i went home before the 90 days got expired.

Best Answer:

You entered the U.S. With a K-1 visa. One of the conditions of your admission was that you married the petitioner within 90 days of admission. You failed to comply with that condition of admission.

Then there is the question of how long you stayed after admission as a K-1. Did you leave before or after your 90 days expired? If you left before your 90 days came to an end, that’s great, but if you stayed more than 90 days, you began to accrue unlawful presence. That would be another failure to abide by the conditions of your admission plus the possibility that you stayed long enough to trigger section 212(a)(9)(B) when you left.

That issue cannot be settled at this time because you didn’t supply the data. Visa officers have a tendency to be unhappy with persons who fail to comply the with conditions of their admission. Visa officers tend to deny visa applications submitted by someone who failed to comply with the conditions of an earlier admission so even though you sound like you’re admissible as a visitor, your history could work against you.

You’re free to apply, but I would say that you have a greater challenge than the typical applicant.

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