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Question About US Tourist Visa Adjustment Of Status

Thomas asks…

Can the change of the status from tourist visa change ? help!!!?

“Due to annual quotes and long waiting in the f2 category, you will not be able to apply for adjustment of status for several years until the priory date becomes current. until then , you will not be able to legally live in the U.S. with your spouse unless you have another type of visa that allows you to stay the entire time. There are several options.”
>”if your entered the U.S. leagally, you have never been out of status, you have never worked illigally in the U.S., and your priority date is current, you can file the application for Adjustment of the Status in the U.S” i was reading this quote from marriage to Permanent Resident . so if she has a visa a tourist visa can it turns into a permits or something so she can wait here, b/cause i don’t her to state illegally here in the USA. b/cause that can affect her resident. i want to know if her visa status can change to a permit. thank you

Best Answer:

It’s possible to adjust status while in the US on a tourist visa. However, the F2 immigrant petition currently takes 3 years before it becomes valid for use. No one can stay in the US in status for 3 years on a tourist visa.

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