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Question About US Tourist Visa Application Form

Helen asks…

Is a tourist visa application form (US) transferrable?!?

My friend has a cousin that has a US tourist visa application form. Her cousin did not fill out any informations yet because she might not be going to US at all. My question is..can my friend use that same Form for her own application?!
her cousin did not fill up the form yet..its a blank form and its not an oline application

Best Answer:

No. Each person that is applying for a B2 tourist visa to the United States must fill out the forms ON-LINE for themselves. Perhaps the cousin has an application form he picked u at he embassy, but, the BEST way is to do it online. The MINUTE you fill out that form on-line. A record of it is made at the U.S. Embassy…so you cannot “transfer” it. Your friend may go to the site below and read all instructions carefully, fill out the forms, print them out, and follow the directions on how to make an interview app’t. At the nearest American embassy or consulate. Now, are you sure your friend needs a visa…you need to check the chart on the 2nd website to see if her country is on the visa waiver list for the U.S.

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