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Question About US Tourist Visa Application Form

Nancy asks…

US visa nonimmigrant application forms?

i am due to visit the US in april and am unsure about the protocol involving how to apply for a tourist visa. i have a minor criminal conviction from when i was very stupid and immature, some 17 years ago, and would be very grateful for any help that you can give me regarding the process.i have downloaded the DS156 form and completed it, but am unsure as to the process of arranging an interview with the US embassy. Also what are the other documentation i need to supply. I have already applied for my police certificate and am awaiting the forms to return.

Best Answer:

You need more than just your police certificate. You need a copy of any court records regarding your case showing what your were sentenced to in the end. If the court doesn’t have the records ask for a letter from them to explain that the records no longer exist.
I had a minor conviction dating back over 20 years but with a letter from the court I was able to get a visa.

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