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Question About US Tourist Visa Extension

Daniel asks…

questions regarding korea to japan tourist visa extension?

I will have to go to Japan soon. I plan on going by boat. My questions are regarding a tourist visa extension. I posted this before and someone suggest going to a place called Sejongo branch in Seoul. If I can go here that would be more convenient instead of traveling to japan. Does anyone have more information about this? Thanks
Hey thanks again. Have you heard of 1345? That’s the number I dialed. It’s a immigration foreigner hotline I guess. Anyway, I mentioned that I heard it’s possible to extend without going to Japan. She said I have to go to Japan. By the way are you still in Korea?

Best Answer:

I think I was the one that told you to go there. I was talking about the immigration office when I was referring to Sejongro branch. To my knowledge, there are only 2 immigration offices in Seoul, one in Sejongro and one in Mok-dong. From my experiences, mokdong seemed to be more crowed, which is why I suggested Sejongro. It doesn’t matter which one you go to, just go to whichever is closer. If you’re closer to Incheon airport, you can go to the office there as well. If you’re living outside of Seoul, just find whichever immigration office is closest.

Before shipping out to Japan, go to one of the immigration office and try to extend your stay from 90 days to 180 days. I have done this several times and I never ran into any problems. I didn’t have any sort of reason for my extended stay either. I just went in, told them I needed to extend my stay and it was done. They don’t seem to have this information online, but this policy does exist. Just go in and ask about extending your stay at the information desk. If this doesn’t work or if they recently changed the regulations, then you will have to leave the country and come back. Japan is the closest and cheapest to get to. I would suggest that you just go by plane. It shouldn’t cost more than $200 usd round trip and you can come back on the same day. As a US citizen, you don’t need a visa for Japan either, so you can even travel around Tokyo for a day.

Go to whichever immigration office is closest to you ( and ask them whether or not you can extend your stay without having to leave the country.

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