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Question About US Tourist Visa Income Requirements

Mary asks…

I’m a College Student and I want to get a US visa?

Hi guys! does anyone of you knows what is the requirements for students (college) like to get a US visa? I want to apply a tourist visa to visit some of relatives there. The problem is I am an orphan, so I can’t present a Parents proof of income, but I have a brother who support US. What are the chances that I will get a visa? Thank you. 🙂
Thanks for the Answer. how about the sponsorship thing? since I have relatives there. Is there any requirements or documents that I might need from them? I’m still a student, so, obviously I don’t have my own income capacity. Is my relatives from the US can help me with this income capacity requirements?thanks!

Best Answer:

You apply for a visitor visa to the USA on your own merits. Your brother cannot “sponsor” you for a visitor visa.

You start the process online.


The Visa Officer has to be convinced you will return home on schedule and won’t otherwise violate the terms of the visa. That requires “Compelling Ties” to your home country.. Otherwise, you have very little chance of being granted a visitor visa.

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