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Question About US Tourist Visa Income Requirements

Lisa asks…

can i get a tourist federal tax refund from US government ?

i was at the casino last night and i won BINGO and they took 375$ federal tax and i’m holding a tourist visa .. so i was wondring if there is anyway to claim the 375$. hope there is more than a way to do it.. thanks for the answer 🙂
i friend told me u can claim it from the airport when i leave cause i’m a tourist and i should not pay federal tax.but he was’nt sure.. so i’m little bit confused now !

Best Answer:

Unless your country has a tax treaty with the US that exempts you from US taxation on gambling wins (a couple of countries do) the tax that was withheld at the source represents your entire tax liability to the US. None of it is refundable, nor do you have any US filing requirement.

Edit: There’s nothing that you can claim at the port of departure. If your country had such an exemption the tax most likely would not have been withheld as most casinos are aware of the rules on who pays the tax and who does not. If the tax was withheld in error you would have to file a Form 1040-NR or 1040NR-EZ return to have it refunded to you.

Your friend is confusing VAT refunds at the port of departure in some countries with the income tax liability on gambling winnings.

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