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Susan asks…

About US tourist visa from the philippines?

We are planning to visit our parents in USA.(mother and father)I am 22 years old and my sisters are 8(twins). Our grandmother is going to sponsor our trip and she will pay for our tickets. I’m bringing my aunt with US because I couldn’t handle the twins alone in travelling. They are both currently enrolled and we are planning to go there this x-mas vacation. It was stated that you have to prove to the consul that you are coming back,is it reasonable enought that the twins are enrolled?they need companion with travelling and as of now, I am my mother’s SPA with paying her bills here in the Philippines and would require to pay it monthly(so I really have to come back). What are the requirements needed for this cases?My mother and father will give a written permission to travel t see them. It’s been 7 years since we last saw them. Please help. Thank you so much!

Best Answer:

Present the enrollment forms of the kids to prove that they are coming back. Land titles and your certificate of employment must also be presented to ensure that you are returning after the visit. Likewise, show a credible bank account as evidence that you can finance your trip aside from the sponsorship of your relatives in the US.

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