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Carol asks…

How much does it cost for a passport & tourist VISA from Philippines to US?

I was told that it will cost 50,000 pesos for a visa, and another 50,000 pesos for the plane ticket there and back. I highly doubt that this is true.

Best Answer:

From the Philippines to the US? OK, you can look around at the different Travel Agencies and find bargain prices to get to Manila. Sometimes you can find a ticket for less than 30,000 pesos. The trick is getting the Tourist Visa. My understanding, from friends who have gotten these Visas and visited, is that the US Embassy looks for economic stability. They want to be sure you will not need work while you are in the US, have enough money to travel around and safely get back to your own country. This means you will need to take some bank statements, showing you have a bank account, plenty of money in it (6 months with a balance of 10,000 pesos or more should be good, maybe more). You should be able to show you have a good job or your family is pretty comfortable as far as money goes. Once you get the Travel Visa, I think you can easily get to the US for under 40,000 pesos. Good luck! This is a good time to apply. I have heard the wait time for a Tourist Visa is only a couple of months…

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