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Carol asks…

Visa to China from the US?

I’m from Texas and am trying to get a visa to visit China for 2 weeks. It seems like prices for an L tourist visa is $130 with service fees that brings it to about $200!!! Does anyone know if there is any way I can get a visa for cheaper?

Best Answer:

You can save the agency fee if you can carry your paperwork yourself to the Chinese Consulate in Houston. It’s located at 3417 Montrose Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77006. The following web site can help you ascertain everything you should carry with you:

If you can’t get to the Houston Consulate in person, you may be able to get a friend to go for you.

Otherwise, just pay the money to the visa agent. I’ve inquired before, and the Chinese Consulate will not do visa by mail. Also, there’s not much you can do about the main part of the fee. The basic fees are set by the Chinese government. They match what the USA charges to Chinese citizens, tit for tat.

The agency fee isn’t that much on top of the base price, and it eliminates the hassle. You can get a lower fee by doing it well ahead of time so that you don’t require express service. Part of the visa fee that you’ve been quoted is also a Fed Ex or Express Mail fee to mail your passport to and from the visa agency. You may be able to eliminate the courier fee by delivering your passport and paperwork in person to the visa agency.

Also, you may be able to get a lower agency fee by using a visa agent in Hong Kong. (Hong Kong does not require a visa of Americans, so you can fly into Hong Kong and then get your Chinese visa there.) However, it would be better to have everything arranged ahead of time than to wait until you arrive in Hong Kong and risk the (very unlikely) news that you might be sent back to your home country to process your visa application.

When you go to apply in person, carry cash for the visa fee, your passport, two passport photos, and also print a visa application and fill it out before you go. If you have an itinerary or plane tickets already purchased, you can carry that. During the Olympics (and the fear of Tibetan uprisings to coincide with the Olympics and the 50th anniversary of Chinese rule there), sometimes tourists have been required to show flight and hotel itineraries in order to obtain visas. If you don’t have that ironed out already, however, don’t sweat it. Arrive early at the Consulate, because you don’t want to wait in line all morning and then have the visa office close for lunch just as you get to the front of the line. This has happened to people before.

If there’s any chance that you want to go to Hong Kong, get a double entry visa because it will “burn” a visa entry to go into Hong Kong and then re-enter China.

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