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Paul asks…

I have a question concerning traveling visas from China to US?

I currently have a question concerning the form that I am going to fill in for my mother in China. My mother was rejected visa about 10 years ago after she filled in the reason to come to US is to visit family. She written my older sister’s name in the form and however, the reason my older sister can be a green card holder in the US is because she was an asylum (I’m pretty sure my sister’s asylum status caused the reason why she was rejected). Now I want to help her file another visa, and my question is, under the section where I need to fill in family members in the U.S., do I need to fill in my older sister’s name? Since her visa this time is going to be travel, I do not have to enter her name, but if I don’t fill in her name, would the government find out that she filled in a visa before claiming she had family here and say that she is lying and reject her again? Is there anything I can do to make sure she will get a visa?

Best Answer:

The visa application specifically asks if you’ve applied for a visa before, and if a visa application has ever been denied and for what reason. You can’t lie about it… The visa application not only is linked to her passport number, but more importantly, her National ID number (that’s something that doesn’t change, it’s similar to an American Social Security number… Everyones is unique and doesn’t expire). Most visa applications are denied the first time… Every visa applicant is viewed as a potential immigrant. Your mother must provide adequate proof that she will return to China, and that is where most visa applicants fail. She must prove that her social and economic ties in China are stronger than intentionally overstaying her visit to immigrate. Keep in mind that the B2 visa is for tourism AND visiting family… The visa your mother applied for before is no different than the visa she’s applying for now.

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