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Question About US Visa Application Fee

Chris asks…

Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee?

Question for anyone that recently brought their parents to the US.
I want to bring my parents from Europe to USA, so I filed two i-130 forms and paid the filing fees of $420 each when I first filed. Now I get an Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee invoice of $404 for each? And I already paid $88 they asked previously. I have to pay $404 also? That would make it $800+ already for one person. That’s crazy…I called them but they just refer me to their website which doesn’t help.

Best Answer:

That is exactly how the fees break down.

$420 to USCIS to start the petition

$88 Affidavit of Support Fee to NVC (State Department)

$404 Visa Application Fee to NVC (State Department)

The good news is there are not any more fees.


Fred Wahl

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