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Lisa asks…

C1/D Visa Application – DS-156 Form?

I am in the UK and have an appointment with the US Embassy tomorrow to get a C1/D visa. My letter of employment has arrived, but it doesn’t state the period of my contract, does that matter? Also I don’t seem to have proof of my return to England. I have no intention of outstaying my visa… can someone advise me. The website doesn’t help much. My contract is 6 months on 2 months off… is this why I don’t have an employment length as it’s an on going thing, but on a contract to contract basis????

Also, when you fill in the DS-156 form – what do you put for US address – I’ve just put the name of the ship.

Thanks in advance

Best Answer:

I just came back on the 6th from the US Consulate in Belfast, after successfully applying for a C1/D Visa.

Your letter of employment (cruise ship?) should state your contract start date and not necessarily the length of contract.

My letter of employment does not have a return date or details on returning to the UK, so I guess they just infer that you will be disembarking the ship when you get home and not stay in the US.

On the DS-156 for the question about the stateside address, I was instructed by my employer to write “On Board Ship” which I did and everything was fine. They gave me a list with the answers to most of the questions on the D-156 / D-157 which was helpful.

Hope this helps.

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