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Question About US Visa Application Status

George asks…

What is the best way to follow up US Immigration application status?

My mother is a US citizen, Im over 21 years old, married, and my preference date was 1986. Also, any immigration consultant you can refer?
By the way, I am from the Philippines

Best Answer:

So I am assuming that you mother filed the Immigrant Petition for a Relative? If that is the case, you’ve said your priority date was 1986, meaning your application was filed in 1986, is that correct? If so, you are considered in the “Third” family preference category. According to the information I have available, the current priority dates are as follows:

For China, priority dates of May 15 2000 are current.
For India, it is also May 15 2000
Mexico is July 15 1992
& India is April 1 1991

All other countries are May 15 2000.

According to this information, your priority date is current & has already passed. Depending upon your current situation, you may file to adjust status by completing the form I-485 if you are already IN the US…. But if you are not in the US at this time, you will have to contact your US Embassy or Consulate of your home country to see why you did not get your visa already. You can find their contact information on

In case you are wondering, I have obtained all of this information regarding priority dates from
That visa bulletin is current for March 2008. The dates mean that people who have a priority date of the dates I told you are now becoming permanent residents. Once USCIS approves your application, it is then out of their hands & lyes with the embassy or consulate. So, if you’re in the US, you can contact 1 800 375 5283 & a representative there will assist you in determining all the appropriate forms you will need to get your residency.. And if you have children, they will assist you with those forms needed as well.

If you’re outside the US, start with the Department of State website I gave you and work your way up from that.

I hope that helped a bit. If you have other questions, feel free to ask!

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