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Helen asks…

Family visiting from china to US?

If my in laws wanted to visit US in the US for a couple of months, how long would it take?
What should they do first?

Best Answer:

They’ll need passports and US visas. You’ll have to supply them with a letter of invitation, they’ll have to supply all of the documentation and necessary evidence required for their visas… They need to prove that they have no intent on immigrating or overstaying their visa (if granted)… It is standard procedure for US Immigration to assume all visitors are immigrating, the burden to prove otherwise is with the applicant. Most first time applicants are rejected simply for not providing sufficient evidence that they’ll return to China. They can get their Chinese passports in less than a month. The US visa is another story… They’ll have to apply for the visa online and then make an appointment for an interview. They’ll have to pay the non-refundable application fees as instructed. The queue time for the interview can be anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months. They’ll have to go to the designated location (embassy or consulates) serving the area they live. If the interview is successful and they are accepted, they’ll receive their passports with the US visas attached within two weeks, maybe longer… There may be more fees involved as well (the US government likes to charge fees for anything and everything possible).

First, get their Chinese passports… Nothing’s happening further without them.
Second, they’ll have to go online and go to the US Embassy’s (Beijing) website for detailed instruction on applying for the visa.

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