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Question About US Visa Appointment Delhi

Sandy asks…

How can i make my interview appointment to come to US?

I had just applied for my mother in india to come to US on tourist visa But, i m not able to schedule her interview date online. Every time i try to make appointment. It says that “Currently there is no appointment available please check back later” Is there any specific time or day that i can go online and make appointment, or what can i do please help me out. I really appreciate it. I am in US and my mother is in India
I believe you do not even have a knowledge what i am talking about. thanx anyway.

Best Answer:

Here are the instructions from the embassy visa section in Delhi. Right now it takes 14 days to get a visa appointment for tourist visas in Delhi. The waiting times for the consulates vary. Check out and go into the visas section for temporary visitors and check out the Visas Wait Time. Check out for the internet addresses for every consulate in India:

Nonimmigrant Visas

After you have selected your visa type, you will need to complete form DS-160.

How to Apply Using the DS-160

1. First, you will need a photo. Scan your photo into your computer. The photo must meet the specifications.

2. Access the form DS-160 here. Complete your DS-160 application online (Save often!) Answer questions as thoroughly as possible before submitting– incomplete forms may not be accepted.
3. Print barcode at the end of the application on a laser printer.

4. Pay the visa application fee at an approved HDFC bank.

5. Make your appointment through VFS. You need your barcode number and fee receipt to make an appointment.

6. Issued visas are delivered by courier. For questions about courier service, tracking passports or submitting documents, read here.

Required for the interview:

Your passport(and your old passports)
Your application photo
The DS-160 barcode page (you will not need thefull application)
The HDFC visa application fee receipts
VFS appointment letter
Petition-based visa applicants should bring petition-related documents
Students and exchange visitors should bring their SEVIS receipts and I-120 for F or M visas and DS-2019 for

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