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Question About US Visa Appointment Mumbai

Chris asks…

Is there a parking near US Consulate Mumbai?

Thinking of driving for US Visa appointment soon. Want to make sure that I can get a parking near by. Please suggest.
US Consulate Mumbai is in BhulaBhai Desai Road. Just an FYI

Best Answer:

I had been to US COnsulate last week. The “Amarsons Garden Parking Lot” is a BMC parking lot hardly 100 mts from US Consulate, Mumbai. Depending on your driving direction in BhulaBhai Desai Road, if the US COnsulate is on your right hand side then cross US Consulate you will find a parking space after 100 Mts after crossing US Consulate on right hand side of the road.

In any normal day, you should get a parking spot in the above mentioned Parking Lot and walk to the US Consulate. I will suggest reaching the parking lot a bit early so that if there is an waiting time involved for getting a parking space in this lot, that can be invested. As per my personal experience, I always got a spot in this “Amarsons Garden Parking Lot” without any wait time. [done that twice]

In few forums people have suggested to park in a near by mall named “Herra Panna”, bit far from US Consulate but that’s even a good option. But do remember the “Herra Panna” parking lot opens up with the Mall timing which is I think at 10 AM / 10.30 AM. And there is no other place where you can park in “BhulaBhai Desai Road”.

Hope this helps.

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