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Lisa asks…

Why is it so hard to get a visa for USA?

I am mexican and I tried to get a visa and it was denied me because I was a student, I haven’t tried again because it’s very expensive the papers and stuff like that, it’s like 100 dollars for the appointment
I am honest

Best Answer:

Visa Officers at US Embassies and Consulates only care that the applicant won’t:

1. Become a burden on society
2. Commit any crimes while in the USA (including work illegally)
3. Overstay their visa (will depart on schedule).

Applicants with little in the way of financial resources and who are young with few ties to their home country (no spouse/children/property) are statistically very likely to violate one of the three concerns. The situation can be worse for applicants from nationalities with a group history of visa violations. That includes countries like India and Nigeria – not just Mexico.

That’s why it can be very difficult to get a visa for the USA.

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