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Susan asks…

Canadian VISA application.?

I have just got a job for which i have to change status from H-4 to J-1. I have to travel to Canada from the United states to get the VISA. My doubts are:
1. What should I state my purpose of visit is on the Canadian visa application?
2. How important is it to get a letter of invitation from someone in Canada?
3. Is it possible for someone in another city say, toronto send an invitation if I intend to visit Vancouver and not Toronto?

Best Answer:

1. You should state your intended purpose. It is a valid reason to travel to Canada. Bring any documentation you have that supports your need to change the Visa when applying for entry to Canada, particularly your US Visa appointment letter (see below)
2. You do not require an invitation from someone in Canada. HOWEVER, you DO require a US Visa appointment at either an Embassy or Consulate. To book a US Visa appointment, visit or call (900) 443-3131 ($1.89 a min, government fee)
3. When you have booked an appointment, you will get a confirmation letter. Use the confirmation letter as supporting evidence for your Canadian visa.
4. Show up to the US Visa appointment with ALL of your supporting documentation.

If you are having difficulty obtaining a US Visa appointment (required for ALL visa applicants), or need one on an urgent basis, you can contact or call 1-866-760-2623 for assistance.

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