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Daniel asks…

my child born in india bt how my son got US passport i hav indian passport bt my husband is US ctizen.?

My son got US passport when he was 4 months old.. i want to know how he got US passport.. now my situation is different . i want to go to india me and my husband is seperated. he didnt allow me to take my son to india and i want to change his nationality bcoz he born in india.. can u tell me how he get US passport in india. why hje need visa to go to india

Best Answer:

India prohibits dual citizenship, except for children born to citizen of India plus citizen of another country. Then child has dual nationality until adulthood & must choose one or other. Apparently you & husband signed for US passport based on father’s US citizenship?

If you & husband are separating, you need to file for divorce. As part of the divorce procedure, there are agreements for child custody, visitation, and child support. HIRE a good divorce attorney immediately and get permanent sole custody of your child, or else custody with visitation rights to the father & make father come to visit child (permission for child to reside in India with mother). Mothers are more likely to get custody of small child unless mother is unfit (e.g. Drug addict, abusive, unable to care for the child, etc). So as long as you are “fit” and can care properly for the child, you should not have too much trouble getting the court to agree to you having custody. Then you can get Indian passport, etc.

It would be wise to terminate US citizenship rights as soon as possible to prevent problems with US income taxes, financial reporting requirements, etc. If you get permanent sole custody, get Indian passport & renounce US citizenship as soon as possible. You absolutely need an attorney to do the divorce, custody, etc. Get one most urgently & get started!

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