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Carol asks…

What Happens If I have a child birth in another country? I am a US Citizen.?

I just wanted to know if i travel out of USA, and apparently and I have a child. How does the system work If im from USA and say I travel to Russia how does it work. Will my child be able to come to America and be a US citizen and how will that work whats the process.Is it really hard to get the baby’s US citizenship. If i get married will my family be able to come back with me and how does that work. If I wanted to stay because I have a child how would that work?

Best Answer:

If you are a US citizen AND fulfilled US residency requirements (lived at least 5 years in US with at least 2 of those years after age 14), then after baby is born, you go to the nearest US consulate with baby’s father (BOTH parents must consent to baby obtaining a passport, unless you have a court order of permanent sole custody or the other parent is deceased), proof of your US citizenship & residency, baby’s long-form birth certificate (lists citizenships of both father & mother), hospital records, baby & baby’s passport photos. File report of birth to US citizen while abroad, then obtain baby’s US passport.

Baby, if entitled to US citizenship, can ONLY enter/exit US on US passport – failure incurs severe penalties. Baby is subject to all US tax laws, IRS regulations, financial reporting requirements from birth through its entire lifetime, and you must ensure you meet those requirements on behalf of baby until baby is old enough to do his/her own tax returns, etc. Very sticky, very tricky, and if you foul up anything anywhere, penalties can be draconian! BEWARE!

If you ever married a Russian citizen (any foreigner, actually), you would need to return to US, reestablish your US domicile, and get a job earning enough to support yourself, all dependents (e.g. Child, aged parents, etc), plus the person you sponsor (e.g. Foreign spouse). You must prove you earn enough to support the person & have a home for everyone to petition for their immigration.

Russian immigration is a whole different matter. Your Russian husband, if any, would have to apply for your residency visa, if he qualified to apply & you qualified for residency. Russian immigration is pretty strict, and they are not all that inclined to give foreigners residency in Russia to begin with.

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